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Career in Mathematics
This is the golden age (as far as job opportunities are concerned) for Masters and Ph.D. degree holders in Mathematics. For those inclined towards a research career, many positions are available in research institutions and universities. For those who wish to pursue a teaching career, well-paying teaching positions are available in plenty in private engineering colleges. And for those who are willing to apply mathematics to practical problems, there has been a dramatic change in the job scene over the past few years in India. Many financial services companies, research labs of multinational companies and others are agressively recruiting Indian mathematicians. The salaries offered are better than those offered to IT graduates. Students trained in pure mathematics are also actively recruited by these industries since almost all branches of mathematics are useful to them. Further information can be found in the links below

  • Math Will Rock Your World

  • Math Ph.D.'s in Demand

    Given the strength of the Department in both pure and applied mathematics, our students get a balanced and rigorous training in all aspects of mathematics. Therefore, our students are well placed to reap the benefits of the booming job market for mathematicians.

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