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Title: The MOR cryptoystem and special linear groups over finite fields
Speaker: Dr. Ayan Mahalanobis, Stevens institute, New Jersey
Date: 21 May 2008
Time: 4.00 p.m.
Venue: Lecture Hall - I, Dept. of Mathematics

The ElGamal cryptosystem is in the heart of public key cryptography. It is known that the MOR cryptosysetm generalizes it from the cyclic group to the automorphism group of a (non-abelian) group. I will start by describing the MOR cryptosystem and then we will use the special linear group over a finite field as the platform group. It seems likely that this project is competitive with the elliptic curves over finite fields in terms of security. I’ll explain why I think so. Then we can talk about challenges in implementation of this cryptosystem. All interested are Welcome

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