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List of Seminars. Latest seminars first.

  Seminar Date Speaker
April 23, 2016 Alex Belton, Lancaster University
March 28, 2016 Carlos Perez, University of Basque country
February 23, 2016 Vikas Krishnamurthy, Imperial College, London
February 17, 2016 Anand Louis, IISc, Bangalore
February 17, 2016 Vaibhav Vaish, ISI, Bangalore
February 17, 2016 Dharmatti Sheetal, IISER, TVM
February 16, 2016 Dharmatti Sheetal, IISER, TVM
February 03, 2016 Abhishek Banerjee, IISc, Bangalore
February 03, 2016 Samriddhi Sankar Ray, ICTS
January 31, 2016 Kartick Adhikari, IISc, Bangalore
January 20, 2016 Sayantan Maitra, IISc, Bangalore
January 18, 2016 Souvik Goswami, ICMAT, Madrid, Spain
January 11, 2016 Sourav Sarkar, UC Berkeley
January 10, 2016 Hari Shankar Mahato, University of Georgia, USA
January 09, 2016 E Palsson, Virginia Tech, USA
January 06, 2016 Jayadev Athreya, University of Washington
January 05, 2016 Sanjiban Santra, CIMAT, Mexico


2016 Seminars List


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