Department of Mathematics

Indian Institute of Science

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Eshita Mazumdar 
Affiliation : IIT, Mumbai

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Department of Mathematics, Lecture Hall I




03:00 PM




May 09, 2017 (Tuesday)



"Davenport constant and an external problem related to it"


For a finite abelian group G with |G| = n, the Davenport Constant DA(G) is defined to be the least integer k such that any sequence S with length k of elements in G has a non-empty A weighted zero-sum subsequence. For certain sets A, we already know the precise value of constant corresponding to the cyclic group Zn. But for different group G and A, the precise value of it is still an open question. We try to find out bounds for these combinatorial invariant for random set A. We got few results in this connection. In this talk I would like to present those results and discuss about an extremal problem related to this combinatorial invariant.