MA 337: Computer Assisted Topology and Geometry

January 2020

The goal of this course is to build software to use computers to address various questions in Topology and Geometry, with an emphasis on arriving at rigorous proofs. The course will consist primarily of projects which will be contributions to open source software written in the scala programming language. We assume good programming skills, ideally in a typed functional language such as Scala, Haskell or Idris as well as some mathematical maturity and willingness to work independently. You will also have to become familiar with the git version control system.

In this semester (January 2020) the course will focus on the Topology and Geometry of surfaces, with code aggregated in the repository

Registering for the course

To register for the course, in addition to registering in the IISc system, you need to carry out some steps which will be explained in the first meeting. In case you are familiar with git and markdown, these are

  1. have/create an account in github,
  2. fork the repository,
  3. send a pull request to add a file in the contributions folder on this repository whose name is your name in camelCase with extension md, for example and whose contents are in the same format as the example below (note: there should be no blank line at the top).

    author: "Siddhartha Gadgil"
    github-id: "siddhartha-gadgil"

Course Details