Manjunath Krishnapur

Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560 012

Catalogue of my books

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Goswami, A. and Rao. B.V   Applied stochastic processes Probability  
Bhatia, Rajendra   Matrix analysis Linear algebra  
Barbeau, E.J.   Polynomials Analysis  
Feller, William   Introduction to Probability theory and its application - vol. 1 Probability  
Feller, William   Introduction to Probability theory and its application - vol. 2 Probability  
Ross, Sheldon   Introduction to Probability models Probability  
Mehta, Madan Lal   Random matrix theory Random matrix theory  
Bertoin, Jean   Levy processes Probability  
Ash   Information theory Information theory  
Spencer, Joel   Ten lectures on the probabilistic method Probability  
Steele, Michael   Probability theory and combinatorial optimization Probability  
Durrett, Rick   Probability: theory and examples Probability  
Anderson, Guionnet, Zeitouni   Introduction to random matrices Random matrix theory  
Levin, Wilmer, Peres   Markov chains and mixing times Probability  
Bai, Silverstein   Large dimensional random matrices Random matrix theory Springer edition
Bai, Silverstein   Large dimensional random matrices Random matrix theory Chinese edition
Williams, David   Probability with martingales Probability  
Deift, Percy   Orthogonal polynomials and random matrices Random matrix theory  
Adler, Robert   Continuity, extrema and related topics for general Gaussian processes Probability  
Kallenberg, Olav   Foundations of modern probability theory Probability  
Morters and Peres   Brownian motion Probability  
Bollobas and Riordan   Percolation Probability  
Lawler, Greg   Conformally invariant processes in the plane Probability  
Karatzas and Shreve   Brownian motion and Stochastic Calculus Probability  
Kahane, Jean Pierre   Some random series of functions Probability  
Diaconis, Persi   Group representations in probability and statistics Probability  
Casella and Berger   Statistical inference Statistics  
Hoel, Port and Stone   Stochastic processes Probability  
Chung, K. L.   Green, Brown and Probability Probability  
Meester and Roy   Continuum percolation Probability  
Dynkin, Eugene   Markov processes Probability  
Rao, C. R.   Linear statistical inference Statistics  
Ledoux, Michael   Concentration of measure phenomenon Probability  
Brezin et. al (ed.)   Random matrices in physics Random matrix theory  
Lyons, R. and Peres, Y.   Probability on trees Probability Print out of draft
Peres, Yuval   Probability on trees - an introductory climb Probability St. Flour lecture notes
Pitman, Jim   Combinatorial stochastic processes Probability St. Flour lecture notes
Varadhan, S. R. S.   Stochastic processes Probability  
Varadhan, S. R. S.   Diffusion processes and partial differential equations Probability  
Rudin, Walter   Principles of mathematical analysis Analysis  
Rudin, Walter   Real and complex analysis Analysis  
Rudin, Walter   Functional analysis Analysis - functional  
Körner, T. W.   Fourier analysis Analysis - harmonic  
Saff and Snyder   Complex analysis Analysis  
Hille, Einar   Ordinary differential equations Analysis - ODE  
Evans, Lawrence Craig   Partial differential equations Analysis - PDE  
Bergman, Stephen   Kernel function Analysis - complex  
Bhatia, Rajendra   Functional analysis Analysis - functional  
Andrew, Askey and Roy   Special functions Analysis  
Farkas and Kra   Riemann surfaces Analysis - complex  
Thangavelu, Sundaram   Uncertainty principles Analysis - harmonic  
Rudin, Walter   Fourier analysis on groups Analysis - harmonic  
De Bruijn, N. G.   Asymptotic analysis Analysis  
Helson, Henrik   Harmonic analysis Analysis - harmonic  
Katzneson, Yitzhak   Harmonic analysis Analysis - harmonic  
Ahlfors, Lars   Complex analysis Analysis - complex  
Pólya, G. and Szegö, G.   Problems and theorems in analysis - vol II Analysis  
Edwards   Riemann-zeta function Number theory  
Sarason, Donald   Complex function theory Analysis - complex  
Caratheodary, Constantin   Conformal representation Analysis - complex  
Simmons, G. F.   Differential equations Analysis - ODE  
Arnold, V. I.   Ordinary differential equations Analysis - ODE  
Arnold, V. I.   Partial differential equations Analysis - PDE  
Falconer   Geometry of fractal sets Analysis  
Riesz, F. and Sz.Nagy   Functional analysis Analysis - functional  
Ahlfors, Lars   Conformal invariants Analysis - complex  
Van Lint and Wilson   Combinatorics Combinatorics  
Tao, T. and Vu, V.   Additive combinatorics Combinatorics  
Marcus and Minc   Matrix inequalities Linear algebra  
Halmos, Paul   Naive set theory Set theory  
Halmos, Paul   Finite dimensional vector spaces Linear algebra  
Bollobas   Modern graph theory Combinatorics  
De Souza Silva   Berkeley problems in mathematics Mathematics - general  
Bagchi, Madan, Sitaram, Tewari   Linear Lie groups Analysis - harmonic  
West, Douglas   Graph theory Combinatorics  
Chazelle, Bernard   Discrepancy method Mathematics - general  
Aigner and Ziegler   Proofs from the book Mathematics -general  
Khinchine, A. Yu.   Continued fractions Number theory  
Munkres   Basic topology Topology  
Nadkarni   Ergodic theory Ergodic theory  
Murthy, K. P. N.   Monte Carlo methods in statistical physics Physics  
Silverman and Tate   Rational points on an elliptic curve Number theory  
Fulton and Harris   Representation theory Algebra  
Thurston, William   Three dimensional topology and geometry Geometry  
Artin, Emil   Galois theory Algebra  
Lang, Serge   Algebra Algebra  
Grenander and Miller   Pattern theory Statistics  
Hoffstadter, Douglas   Metamagical themas Mathematics - general  
Hoffstadter, Douglas   Godel, Escher, Bach Mathematics - general  
Winkler, Peter   Mathematical puzzles Mathematics - general  
Jerison et. al (ed.)   Legacy of Norbert Wiener Probability  
Bell, E.T.   Men of mathematics Mathematics - general  
Neugebauer, E. O.   Mathematical sciences in the antiquity Mathematics - general  
Lang, Serge   Polynomials Algebra  
Skornyakov   System of linear equations Linear algebra  
Uspensky   Godel's incompleteness theorem Mathematics - general  
Klamkin, Murray   Problems from the USAMO Mathematics - general  
Klamkin, Murray   Problems from the IMO Mathematics - general  
Schechter   My brain is open Mathematics - general  
Gani, et. al. (ed.)   Making of statisticians Statistics  
Ghosh et. al.   Indian statistical heritage Staististics  
Rao, C. R.   Statistics and Truth Statistics  
Indian Statistical Institute   TOMATO Mathematics - general Problems for ISI entrance
Sinha, ...   Understanding mathematics Mathematics - general  
Kac, Rota and Schwartz   Discrete thoughts Mathematics - general  
Gardner, Martin   Hexaflexagons Mathematics - general  
Gardner, Martin   Mathematical puzzles Mathematics - general  
Kanigel, Robert   Man who knew infinity Mathematics - general  
Lloyd   Mathematical puzzles Mathematics - general  
Polya, George   How to solve it? Mathematics - general  
Hardy, G. H.   Mathematician's apology Mathematics - general phototcopy
Feynman, Richard   Lectures on physics - I Physics  
Feynman, Richard   Lectures on physics - II Physics  
Feynman, Richard   Lectures on physics - III Physics  
Landau and Lifschits   Mechanics Physics  
Landau and Lifschits   Statistical physics Physics  
Landau and Lifschits   Quantum mechanics Physics  
Lahiri   Statistical mechanics Physics  
Lahiri   Statistical mechanics Physics  
Pathria   Statistical mechanics Physics older edition
Pathria   Statistical mechanics Physics  
Griffiths   Electrodynamics Physics  
Fermi   Thermodynamics Physics  
Mackey   Mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics Physics  
Wald   General relativity Physics  
Faraday   Chemical history of a candle Physics  
Shamos   Great experiments in physics Physics  
Venkataraman. G.   Bose and his statistics Physics  
Venkataraman. G.   Bhabaha and his magnificent obsessions Physics  
Venkataraman. G.   Why are things the way they are? Physics  
Venkataraman. G.   Journey into light Physics  
Penrose, Roger   Emperor's new mind Physics  
Greene, Brian   Elegant universe Physics  
Greene, Brian   Fabric of cosmos Physics  
Feynman, Richard   QED Physics  
Mehra, Jagadish   Beat of a different drum Physics  
Rees, Martin   Just six numbers Physics  
Dyson, Freeman   Infinite in all directions Physics  
Dyson, Freeman   Scientist as a rebel Physics  
Lightman, Alan   Einstein's dreams Physics/Fiction  
Texreau   How to make a telescope? Physics  
Navedtra   How machines work Physics  
Snow. C. P.   Physicists Physics  
Rhodes, Richard   Making of the atomic bomb Physics  
Sykes, Christopher   No ordinary genius Physics  
Gamow, George   Thirty years that shook physics Physics  
Jacob, Francois   Possible and actual Physics  
Sagan, Carl   Dragons of Eden Physics  
Sagan, Carl   Broca's brain Physics  
Sagan, Carl   Cosmos Physics  
Crick, Francis   Astonishing hypothesis Biology  
Crick, Francis   Life itself Biology  
Gould, Stephen Jay   Panda's thumb Biology  
Gould, Stephen Jay   Mismeasure of man Biology  
Sacks, Oliver   Leg to stand on Biology  
Rosenfeld   Strange, familiar, forgotten Biology  
Chomsky, Noam   Language and mind Science  
Gardner, Martin   Fads and fallacies Science  
Einstein, Albert   Relativity Physics  
Feynman, Richard   Pleasure of finding things out Physics  
Watson, James   Double helix Biology  
Watson, James   DNA, the secret of life Biology  
Ramachandran, V. S.   Emerging mind Biology  
Ramachandran, V. S.   Tell-tale brain Biology  
Olby   Path to the double helix Biology  
Levinson, Norman   Brain that changes itself Biology  
Dawkins, Richard   Greatest show on earth Biology  
Kitaigorodsky   I am a physicist Physics  
Perelman, Yakov   Physics for entertainment Physics  
Weinberg, Steven   Dreams of a final theory Physics  
Spitzer, Frank   Principles of random walk Probability  
Mushelishvili, N. I.   Singular integral equations Analysis  
Fulton, William   Algebraic topology - a first course Topology