National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM)
Selection of contingent to attend ICME-15(2024)

The 2024 edition of the 15th International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME-15(2024)) is scheduled to be held in Sydney, Australia, on 7-14 July 2024. NBHM has for two decades now sponsored a contingent of Indian mathematicians to attend International Congresses. Continuing this tradition, NBHM hereby invites applications for selection to its contingent for ICME-15(2024). The selection will be based on merit with due regard paid to balance (of various kinds).

The National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM), has the possibility of sponsoring a limited number of Indian mathematics educators to participate in ICME-15. NBHM will sponsor a small delegation which will have a reasonable percentage of women mathematics educators and will be a balanced mix of senior (age 40 and above), junior (age below 40) mathematics educators who are regular members of a recognized research institution or university and a small number of post-doctoral fellows and PhD students who are at an advanced stage of their doctoral programme. The NBHM support is expected to contribute towards expenses related to travel, accommodation and living expenses (at rates in line with the norms of the Government of India) and the (advance) registration fee. The grant will only be given to those who agree to attend the entire conference. Those interested in participating in ICME-15 and are without other means of full support may fill the application.

Application: In order to apply, you need to have a google account. Please follow this link: Application Form. The deadline to submit the form is Saturday 10th February 2024

What all do I need to complete my application?

(Those who have received or applied for partial support from other sources may also apply. In that case, you must declare the details of such support received or applied for.)

Any queries regarding the application may be sent through email to: