About the APRG

The Analysis and Probability Research Group (APRG) consists of researchers drawn from several departments across the Indian Institute of Science. The APRG brings together a community of researchers - whose past interactions have ranged from formal collaboration to informal discussion on the sidelines of cross-disciplinary seminars and conferences - and whose work involves analysis and probability in both its theoretical and applied aspects.

The city of Bangalore is perhaps the topmost national destination for both Analysis and Probability. The APRG, with strong international research collaborations, aims to build on this presence and attract experts to visit, collaborate, and contribute to making Bangalore a premier global venue for analysis and probability.


The kernel of the idea underlying the APRG dates back to a year-long thematic programme in the 2008-09 academic year dedicated to analysis and its applications. Several workshops and lecture series were held in 2008 with support from the Indian Institute of Science and the National Mathematics Initiative (NMI). Since then, members of the APRG have been active in organising similar events, including NMI thematic years on probability, network analysis, machine learning, complexity theory, and PDEs, as well as numerous international meetings in analysis. To give more structure to these activities and foster further interaction between these researchers, the Analysis and Probability Research Group was formally created.