Symposium on Operator Theory


Feb 20th to Feb 22ndDepartment of Mathematics, IISc



A symposium on operator theory will be held at LH-I, Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore from 20th of Feb to 22nd of Feb 2019. Professor Harald Upmeier (University of Marburg, Germany) will be giving a series of four lectures on Geometric Quantization. These four lectures will cover the more advanced theory of geometric quantization, related to projectively flat connexions on the moduli space of complex Kahler polarizations.


Lecture 1: Analysis on Fock space, coadjoint orbits of Heisenberg group and metaplectic representation

Lecture 2: Quantization of tori, theta functions and heat equation

Lecture 3: Construction of holomorphic connexions on Hilbert space bundles

Lecture 4: Projectively flat connexions, Higgs bundles and completely integrable systems


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1) Monojit Bhattacharjee (IIT Bombay, Mumbai)

2)Shibananda Biswas (IISER Kolkata)

3)SameerChavan (IIT Kanpur)

4)Prahllad Deb (IISER Kolkata)

5) SoumitraGhara (IISc, Bangalore)

6) Gargi Ghosh (IISER Kolkata)

7) Sushil Gorai (IISER Kolkata)

8)Rajeev Gupta (IIT Kanpur)

9)SomnathHazra (IISER Kolkata)

10)Dinesh Kumar Keshari (NISER, Odisha)

11) Surjit Kumar (IISc, Bangalore)

12)Sasmita Patnaik (IIT Kanpur)

13) ParamitaPramanik (IISc, Bangalore)

14) Samya Kumar Ray (IIT Kanpur)

15)SubrataShyam Roy (IISER Kolkata)

16)Shailesh Trivedi (IIT Kanpur)

17) Harald Upmeier (Marburg, Germany)



Other Participants


Tirthankar Bhattacharyya (IISc Bangalore)

Anindya Biswas (IISc Bangalore)

Ramlal Debnath (ISI Bangalore)

K. D. Deepak (ISI Bangalore)

Aneesh M (ISI Bangalore)

Anindya Ghatak (ISI Bangalore)

Abhay Jindal (IISc Bangalore)

Apoorva Khare (IISc Bangalore)

Nanda Kishore (ISI Bangalore)

Lavy Koilpitchai (ISI Bangalore)

Poornendu Kumar (IISc Bangalore)

Manish Kumar (ISI Bangalore)

P Santosh Kumar (ISI Bangalore)

Vijaya Kumar (ISI Bangalore)

Prokash Kumar Kundu (IISc Bangalore)

Neha Malik (ISI Bangalore)

Amar Deep Sarkar (IISc Bangalore)

Gadadhar Misra (IISc Bangalore)

Muthukumar P (ISI Bangalore)

E. K. Narayanan (IISc Bangalore)

Avijit Pal (IIT Bhilai)

Deepak Pradhan (ISI Bangalore)

Rahul Rajan (CUSAT, Kerala)

SubhamRastogi (IISc Bangalore)

P. Shankar (ISI Bangalore)

Srijan Sarkar (IISc Bangalore)

Kalyan Sinha (JNCASR Bangalore)

Mansi Anil Suryawanshi (ISI Bangalore)

Prateek Kumar Vishwakarma (IISc Bangalore)