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CLICK HERE for list of candidates recommended for admission to the Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences (IMI) programme 2017-18

The Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences is administered by the IISc Mathematics Initiative (IMI). This programme provides an unique opportunity for students to work in areas spanning mathematics, biology, physics and engineering. Students can work in any of the interdisciplinary research areas mentioned below. Each selected student will work with two research supervisors (from two different Departments). For example, a student can have supervisors from Mathematics and an Engineering Department or Biology and an Engineering Department or Physics and Mathematics Departments.


Eligibility Criteria:

  • M Sc or equivalent degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology


  • ME/M Tech or equivalent degree in Engineering discipline


  • BE/B Tech or equivalent degree in Engineering discipline

Research Areas:
System biology; computational neuroscience; computational biophysics; computational biology; evolutionary biology; theoretical biology; viral dynamics; constrained biomolecular dynamics; mathematical immunology; numerical analysis, computational fluid dynamics and scientific computation; wireless communication and sensor networks; stochastic optimal control; mathematical finance; partial differential (algebraic) equations; optimization; computational geometry and topology; computational geometry and data visualization; inverse boundary value problem in the context of imaging; coding theory and techniques; game theory.


Click here for: Application Procedure

If you are intrested in this programme please select your preference department as Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences Programme in the online application form.

MSc candidates should choose their branch/specialization as explained below Branch/Specialization: If you have studied branch in:

  • Any of the biological science fields like biology, microbiology, zoology, genetics, biotechnology etc., you should select "Biological Sciences" as your branch.

  • Any of the chemical science fields like organic chemistry, applied chemistry, inorganic chemistry, chemistry etc., you should select "Chemical Sciences" as your branch.

  • Any of the physical science fields like applied physics, radio physics,geophysics, physics etc., you should select "Physical Sciences" as your branch.

  • Any of the mathematical science fields like applied mathematics, statistics, mathematics etc., you should select "Mathematical Sciences" as your branch.

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