IISc Geometry and Topology seminar
Spring 2019: Monday 4:00-5:00 PM, Room - LH1

Schedule of Talks

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Date Speaker Title and link to Abstract
January 04 **Special day (Friday)** TVH Prathamesh (University of Innsbruck) On elementary equivalence in Artin groups of finite type
January 21 Pranav Pandit (ICTS) Holomorphic differentials and stability in Fukaya categories
January 28
February 11 Arpan Kabiraj (CMI) Conjugacy invariant norms on groups
February 18 Vamsi Pingali (IISc) A vector bundle version of the Monge-Ampere equation
February 25 Harish Seshadri (IISc) A compactness theorem for Einstein metrics on the four-sphere
March 11 Soma Maity (IISER Mohali) Stability of quadratic curvature functionals at product of Einstein manifolds
April 01 Basudeb Datta (IISc) Semi-regular tilings
April 08 Arun Maiti (IISc) A chain model for the Goresky-Hingston product
April 15
April 22 Sugata Mondal (TIFR) CANCELLED - Postponed to next semester!
April 29 Indrava Roy (IMSc) Coarse geometry, Baum-Connes conjecture, and metrics of positive scalar curvature on spin foliations

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