Preprints and Publications (in the order they appeared on arXiv)

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  3. Kähler-Einstein metric near an isolated log canonical singularity (with Xin Fu and Jian Song), to appear in J. Reine Angew. Math. (Crelle's journal), journal link (online first) arXiv link.
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  13. Connecting toric manifolds by conical Kähler-Einstein metrics (with Bin Guo, Jian Song and Xiaowei Wang), Advances in Math., 323 (2018), 38-83, journal link, arXiv link.

Surveys and expository articles

  • An overview of the work of Karen Uhlenbeck (with Agnid Banerjee), The Mathematics Consortium Bulletin July 2020 Vol. 2, Issue 1 journal link
  • Talks

  • Kahler-Einstein metrics along the smooth continuity methods
  • IISc, January, 2018.

  • (Inverse) Hessian equations and positivity conditions in Kahler geometry
  • CMI alumini talks (webinar), June, 2020.


  • AIS IISc July, 2019 - Lecture notes on Calabi's conjectures and Kahler-Einstein metrics