APRG Seminar:     2022–23 talks
(Current organizers: Apoorva Khare and S. Thangavelu)

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Some talks for this semester will still be online, on account of the Coronavirus pandemic.

January 4, 2023: Benjamin Jaye (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, tentative)
4 pm, Lecture Hall LH-1
Title: TBA

September 14, 2022: Muna Naik (Harish-Chandra Research Institute)
4 pm, Hybrid: Microsoft Teams (online) and Lecture Hall LH-1
Title: Mean value property in limit for eigenfunctions of the Laplace–Beltrami operator on symmetric spaces     [Video]

August 24, 2022: Rajula Srivastava (Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison, USA / Univ. Bonn + MPIM, Germany)
4 pm, Lecture Hall LH-1
Title: The Koranyi Spherical Maximal Function on Heisenberg groups

August 8, 2022: Jeet Sampat (Washington University in St. Louis, USA)
4 pm, Lecture Hall LH-1
Title: Properties of cyclic functions

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