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The kind of a code action.

Kinds are a hierarchical list of identifiers separated by ., e.g. "refactor.extract.function".

The set of kinds is open and client needs to announce the kinds it supports to the server during initialization. You can make your own code action kinds, the ones supported by LSP are:

  • quickfix
  • refactor
    • refactor.extract
    • refactor.inline
    • refactor.rewrite
  • source Source code actions apply to the entire file. Eg fixing all issues or organising imports.
    • source.organizeImports
    • source.fixAll
Instances For
    • invoked: Lean.Lsp.CodeActionTriggerKind

      Code actions were explicitly requested by the user or by an extension.

    • automatic: Lean.Lsp.CodeActionTriggerKind

      Code actions were requested automatically.

      This typically happens when current selection in a file changes, but can also be triggered when file content changes.

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      • One or more equations did not get rendered due to their size.
      • One or more equations did not get rendered due to their size.

      Contains additional diagnostic information about the context in which a code action is run.


      • An array of diagnostics known on the client side overlapping the range provided to the textDocument/codeAction request. They are provided so that the server knows which errors are currently presented to the user for the given range. There is no guarantee that these accurately reflect the error state of the resource. The primary parameter to compute code actions is the provided range.

      • Requested kind of actions to return.

        Actions not of this kind are filtered out by the client before being shown. So servers can omit computing them.

      • The reason why code actions were requested.

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        If the code action is disabled, this type gives the reason why.

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          Capabilities of the server for handling code actions.

          • workDoneProgress : Bool
          • codeActionKinds? : Option (Array Lean.Lsp.CodeActionKind)

            CodeActionKinds that this server may return.

            The list of kinds may be generic, such as "refactor", or the server may list out every specific kind they provide.

          • resolveProvider? : Option Bool

            The server provides support to resolve additional information for a code action.

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            A code action represents a change that can be performed in code, e.g. to fix a problem or to refactor code.

            A CodeAction should set either edit and/or a command. If both are supplied, the edit is applied first, then the command is executed. If none are supplied, the client makes a codeAction/resolve JSON-RPC request to compute the edit.


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                • The code action kind values the client supports. When this property exists the client also guarantees that it will handle values outside its set gracefully and falls back to a default value when unknown.

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                    • dynamicRegistration? : Option Bool
                    • isPreferredSupport? : Option Bool

                      Whether the code action supports the isPreferred property.

                    • disabledSupport? : Option Bool

                      Whether the code action supports the disabled property.

                    • dataSupport? : Option Bool

                      Weather code action supports the data property which is preserved between a textDocument/codeAction and a codeAction/resolve request.

                    • honorsChangeAnnotations? : Option Bool

                      Whether the client honors the change annotations in text edits and resource operations returned via the CodeAction#edit property by for example presenting the workspace edit in the user interface and asking for confirmation.

                    • codeActionLiteralSupport? : Option Lean.Lsp.CodeActionLiteralSupport

                      The client supports code action literals as a valid response of the textDocument/codeAction request.

                    • Whether the client supports resolving additional code action properties via a separate codeAction/resolve request.

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