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    def Lean.Meta.forallTelescopeCompatible {α : Type} {m : TypeType u_1} [Monad m] [MonadControlT Lean.MetaM m] (type₁ : Lean.Expr) (type₂ : Lean.Expr) (numParams : Nat) (k : Array Lean.ExprLean.ExprLean.Exprm α) :
    m α

    Given two forall-expressions type₁ and type₂, ensure the first numParams parameters are compatible, and then execute k with the parameters and remaining types.

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      def Lean.Elab.sortDeclLevelParams (scopeParams : List Lake.Name) (allUserParams : List Lake.Name) (usedParams : Array Lake.Name) :

      Sort the given list of usedParams using the following order:

      • If it is an explicit level allUserParams, then use user given order.
      • Otherwise, use lexicographical.

      Remark: scopeParams are the universe params introduced using the universe command. allUserParams contains the universe params introduced using the universe command and the .{...} notation.

      Remark: this function return an exception if there is an u not in usedParams, that is in allUserParams but not in scopeParams.

      Remark: explicitParams are in reverse declaration order. That is, the head is the last declared parameter.

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