(Imperfect) discrimination trees. We use a hybrid representation.

The edges are labeled by keys:

We reduce terms using TransparencyMode.reducible. Thus, all reducible definitions in an expression e are unfolded before we insert it into the discrimination tree.

Recall that projections from classes are NOT reducible. For example, the expressions Add.add α (ringAdd ?α ?s) ?x ?x and Add.add Nat Nat.hasAdd a b generates paths with the following keys respctively

⟨Add.add, 4⟩, *, *, *, *
⟨Add.add, 4⟩, *, *, ⟨a,0⟩, ⟨b,0⟩

That is, we don't reduce Add.add Nat inst a b into Nat.add a b. We say the Add.add applications are the de-facto canonical forms in the metaprogramming framework. Moreover, it is the metaprogrammer's responsibility to re-pack applications such as Nat.add a b into Add.add Nat inst a b.

Remark: we store the arity in the keys 1- To be able to implement the "skip" operation when retrieving "candidate" unifiers. 2- Distinguish partial applications f a, f a b, and f a b c.

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    partial def Lean.Meta.DiscrTree.reduce (e : Lean.Expr) (simpleReduce : Bool) :

    Reduction procedure for the discrimination tree indexing. The parameter simpleReduce controls how aggressive the term is reduced. The parameter at type DiscrTree controls this value. See comment at DiscrTree.

    whnf for the discrimination tree module

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        def Lean.Meta.DiscrTree.insert {α : Type} {s : Bool} [BEq α] (d : Lean.Meta.DiscrTree α s) (e : Lean.Expr) (v : α) :
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          Find values that match e in d.

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            Similar to getMatch, but returns solutions that are prefixes of e. We store the number of ignored arguments in the result.

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              partial def Lean.Meta.DiscrTree.getMatchWithExtra.go {α : Type} {s : Bool} (d : Lean.Meta.DiscrTree α s) (e : Lean.Expr) (numExtra : Nat) (result : Array (α × Nat)) :
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                partial def Lean.Meta.DiscrTree.getUnify.process {α : Type} {s : Bool} (skip : Nat) (todo : Array Lean.Expr) (c : Lean.Meta.DiscrTree.Trie α s) (result : Array α) :