Prof. D. P. Patil

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Algebra, Arithmetic and Geometry
-- With a View Towards Applications /2005


SM01 Fri/Jan 13, 2006 Group Actions (D. P. Patil/Maths)
SM02 Fri/Jan 20, 2006 Sylow's Theorem and its Applications (K. Murali/CSA)
SM03 Fri/Jan 27, 2006 Structure of the Unit Group Modulo n (Susinder Rajan/ECE)
SM04 Fri/Feb 3, 2006 Quadratic Reciprocity (-----)
SM05 Fri/Feb 10, 2006 Quadratic Algebras (Anshu Tandon/ECE)
SM06 Fri/Feb 10, 2006 Division Algebras (Kiran/ECE)