Welcome to the documentation of the Department of Mathematics webppage. This is meant for those maintaining the web page, but you may find it helpful for making suggestions or just out of curiousity. If you just have a correction/suggestion/update, please instead send us an e-mail.


The website is built using:

For the rest of this document, we focus on how the website is built from various files, all on the github repository. In the other documentation pages, we see details of specific kinds of pages - courses, seminars, people etc.

Jekyll static sites

The Department web site is a static site, this means that it is compiled in advance (like pdf files from latex sources) from source files and data, and simply copied to the server. Briefly, the components are:

The overall configuration is in the _config.yml file (for the sake of deployment, there is a slight complication which you can look up in the deployment documentation).

Details of how these are combined to give the various kinds of pages are documented in the details of specific classes of pages listed below.

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Last updated: 13 Dec 2019