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Sushil Singla (Ph.D., Shiv Nadar University)

Research Areas: Functional analysis, Operator algebras
Fellowship: Research Associate

Arpita Mal (Ph.D., Jadavpur University)

Research Areas: Functional analysis, Geometry of Banach space
UserID: arpitamal
Fellowship: NPDF

Chandan Biswas (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Research Areas: Harmonic Analysis
UserID: chandanbiswa
Fellowship: Research Associate
Research Areas: Number theory, Representation theory
UserID: mihirsheth
Fellowship: Research Associate

Rajesh Kumar Singh (Ph.D., IIT Kanpur)

Research Areas: Harmonic Analysis
UserID: rajeshsingh
Fellowship: NBHM

Vijaya Kumar U (Ph.D., Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore)

Research Areas: Operator Theory, Operator Algebras, Quantum Probability
UserID: vijayak
Fellowship: Dr. D.S. Kothari

Shivani Goel (Ph.D., IIT Madras)

Research Areas: Linear algebra, Graph theory
UserID: shivanigoel
Fellowship: NPDF

Manoj Kumar (Ph.D., IIT Delhi)

Research Areas: Harmonic Analysis
UserID: manojkumar1
Fellowship: NBHM

Sankar K (Ph.D., IIT Kanpur)

Research Areas: Homogenization of Partial Differential Equations
UserID: sankark
Fellowship: Dr. D.S. Kothari

Pratibha Shakya (Ph.D., IIT Guwahati)

Research Areas: Optimal control problems governed by PDEs, Finite element method
UserID: spratibha
Fellowship: NPDF
Research Areas: Number Theory
UserID: rishabha
Fellowship: IOE
Research Areas: Algebraic Combinatorics
UserID: hiranyadey
Fellowship: NPDF

Dharmendra Kumar (Ph.D., IIT Gandhinagar)

Research Areas: PDEs
UserID: dharmendrak
Fellowship: IOE

Pintu Bhunia (Ph.D., Jadavpur University)

Research Areas: Norm and numerical radius inequalities of bounded linear operators
UserID: pintubhunia
Fellowship: NPDF

Jyotirmoy Ganguly (Ph.D., IISER Pune)

Research Areas: Representation Theory
UserID: jyotirmoyg
Fellowship: NBHM

Digjoy Paul (Ph.D., IMSc Chennai)

Research Areas: Representation theory, Combinatorics
UserID: digjoypaul
Fellowship: Raman PDF

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Last updated: 29 Mar 2023