August - December 2016

Core courses for Integrated Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences Ist Year
Course No. Credits Course Title Instructor
MA 212 3:0 Algebra I Abhishek Banerjee
MA 219 3:0 Linear Algebra

Pooja Singla

MA 221 3:0 Analysis I: Real Anaysis E. K. Narayanan
MA 231 3:0 Topology Subhojoy Gupta
MA 261 3:0 Probability Models M. K. Ghosh
Core courses for Integrated Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences IInd Year
MA 223 3:0 Functional Analysis S. Thangavelu
MA 232 3:0 Introduction to Algebraic Topology Siddhartha Gadgil
MA 242 3:0 Partial Differential Equations Thirupathi Gudi
Elective Courses
MA 278 3:0 Introduction to Dynamical Systems Theory Govindan Rangarajan & Janaki Balakrishnan
MA 321 3:0 Analysis III A. K. Nandakumaran
MA 340 3:0 Advanced Functional Analysis Tirthankar Bhattacharyya
MA 351 3:0 Modular Forms  Soumya Das
MA 361 3:0 Probability Theory  Srikanth K. Iyer
MA 380 3:0 Introduction to Complex Dynamics  Gautam Bharali

January - April 2017

Core courses for the Integrated Ph.D. programme in Ist Year
Course No. Course Title Instructor
MA 213 Algebra II Abhishek Banerjee
MA 222 Analysis II : Measure and Integration Gautam Bharali
MA 224 Complex Analysis E. K. Narayanan
MA 229 Calculus on Manifolds Gadadhar Misra
MA 241 Ordinary Differential Equations G. Rangarajan

Elective Courses
MA 313 Algebraic Number Theory Dilip P. Patil
MA 327 Topics in Analysis Manjunath Krishnapur
MA 332 Algebraic Topology Subhojoy Gupta
MA 334 Introduction to Homotopy type theory Siddhartha Gadgil
MA 350 Algebraic_Number_theory Soumya Das

MA 371

Control and Homogenization A. K. Nandakumaran
MA 383 Introduction to Minimal Surfaces Rukmini Dey / Kaushal Verma.
MA 390 Percolation and Random Graphs Srikanth Iyer




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