To apply for a faculty postion, please e-mail an application to chair.math[at] containing

You may also wish to contact a faculty member in a subject related to yours if you are considering applying for a position at our department.

Why join us

The Indian Institute of Science is a premier Institute of higher learning and research in the country. It has more than 40 departments/centres/units and nearly 450 faculty members pursuing research in many areas of science and engineering.

The Department of Mathematics has established itself as an excellent centre for research in both pure and applied mathematics. It has a small but active research faculty, and seeks mathematicians who will add to the research profile of the department. In addition to the regular (i.e., post-M.Sc./M.Tech.) Ph.D. programme, the Department has an Integrated Ph.D. programme that admits students with plans for research in mathematics right after their Bachelors degree.

The Department of Mathematics welcomes applications in all fields of mathematics from researchers who are exceptionally motivated, and have an established record of independent, high-quality research, for Assistant Professorships in the Department of Mathematics.

Prospective candidates must have a Ph.D. (in relevant area) and must have completed three years of post-doctoral research at the time of appointment (relaxable in exceptional cases) and, preferably, be below 35 years in age. The salary will be in the pay grade Rs. 30,000+8,000 per month (basic salary for this designation plus grade pay) plus allowances — with raises each year. The total monthly pay includes:

Thus, the total emoluments, at present, for this pay grade stand at Rs. 97,230 per month. Additionally, a newly-appointed Assistant Professor can either opt for on-campus housing, or claim a House Rent Allowance of Rs. 11,400 (i.e., 30% of Rs. 38,000).

At the end of three years’ service, an Assistant Professor’s pay is raised to the pay grade Rs. 37,400+9000 per month. At the current rates of exchange, 1 US dollar = Rs. 63.95 approximately; also 1 PPP-US dollar = Rs. 18.19 (approximately) which is the effective value of the US dollar against the rupee adjusted for Purchasing Power Parity (source: World Development Indicators: 2016, World Bank).

Central government pay-scales and salaries are currently in the process of revision, owing to which the salaries for the pay grades are expected to rise very soon.

Interested candidates may apply by sending a curriculum vitae, list of publications along with reprints of important publications, a description of proposed research, names and addresses (with e-mail and fax number) of at least three referees, and any other relevant details to:

The Chairman
Department of Mathematics
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore 560 012

e-mail: chair.math[at]

General information about the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) is available on the IISc website. Information about the Department of Mathematics is available on the Department website.

Some useful tips:

In case you have decided to apply to the Department of Mathematics at IISc, here are a few points that might be useful to bear in mind.

  1. The Department of Mathematics aims to recruit, over time, mathematicians with increasingly strong academic records. Thus, if you are interested in applying and there are colleagues in the department who work in your area of interest, then you might find it helpful to talk/write to a colleague who was hired relatively recently to get a sense of the prevailing standards in hiring. You might also find it useful to know that, since September 2015, IISc has adopted a new tenure system, details of which are given here.

  2. Please take a look at this website for a sense of how things are at IISc and to get a sense of the recruitment process here (click on “Recruitment” in the navigation bar). While the page “Recruitment” is not a webpage authorized by IISc, the information on it is fairly representative of applications to the Department of Mathematics.

  3. One of consequences of a rolling process of recruitment is that, as alluded to by the links in (2), a decision on your application could take as little as 3 months or as long as 8–9 months. In case your mailing address changes in the interim, please be sure to communicate any changes in your address.

  4. Since the eventual settlement of all job applications (numbering in the hundreds) across all departments is done centrally, it might not be possible for the Registrar to notify applicants individually that a position has been filled. However, feel free to contact the Chairman, Department of Mathematics, a few months into the process to inquire informally about your application.

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