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Title: Negatively curved Kahler manifolds
Speaker: Martin Deraux (Institut Fourier, Grenoble)
Date: 31 October 2007

Lecture Series on “ Negatively curved Kahler manifolds” (4 Lectures)

Speaker: Dr. Martin Deraux, Institut Fourier, Grenoble

Time and place: LH 2, IISc Math Dept

  • Wednesdays (31st Oct and 7th Nov) 11-12.30 PM
  • Thursdays (1st Nov and 8th Nov) 3-4.30 PM


  1. Basics of Kahler geometry, uniformization.
  2. Intro to complex hyperbolic geometry, review about symmetric spaces, constructions of discrete groups and lattices, Calabi conjecture and Yau uniformization.
  3. Overview of Deligne-Mostow theory.
  4. Branched covering constructions and non-locally symmetric examples.

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