January - April 2016

Core courses for the Integrated Ph.D. programme in Ist Year
Course No. Course Title Instructor
MA 213 Algebra II Mousumi Mandal
MA 222 Analysis II : Measure and Integration A. K. Nandakumaran
MA 224 Complex Analysis Gautam Bharali
MA 229 Calculus on Manifolds Gadadhar Misra
MA 241 Ordinary Differential Equations Thirupathi Gudi

Elective Courses
MA 313 Algebraic Number Theory Dilip P. Patil
MA 314 Introduction to Algebraic Geometry Umesh Dubey
MA 315 Lie Algebras and their Representations E. K. Narayanan

MA 317

Introduction to Analytic Number Theory Soumya Das
MA 319 Algebraic Combinatorics Arvind Ayyer
MA 320 Representation Theory of Compact Lie Groups S. Thangavelu
MA 332 Algebraic Topology Subhojoy Gupta
MA 364 Linear and Nonlinear Time Series Analysis G. Rangarajan
MA 369 Quantum Mechanics M. Krishna / Kaushal Verma

Other semesters

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