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Apr 22, 2024 Nikhil Savale (University of Cologne) Spectral Theory of the Sub-Riemannian Laplacian
Apr 19, 2024 Arghan Dutta (IISc Mathematics) Higher categories of n-bordisms
Apr 18, 2024 Abhay Jindal (IISc Mathematics) Invariants Associated with Complete Nevanlinna-Pick Spaces
Apr 17, 2024 Sumanta Das (IISc Mathematics) Maps between Non-compact Surfaces
Apr 12, 2024 Eknath Ghate (TIFR Mumbai) Zig-zag holds for Galois representations
Apr 10, 2024 Luz Roncal (BCAM - Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, Spain) Pointwise localisation and weighted inequalities for Rubio de Francia square function
Apr 09, 2024 Amartya Kumar Dutta (ISI Kolkata) Epimorphism theorems and allied topics
Apr 08, 2024 Amartya Kumar Dutta (ISI Kolkata) In praise of Khahara
Apr 05, 2024 Sanchayan Sen (IISc Mathematics) Brownian objects
Apr 04, 2024 Pabitra Barman (IISc Mathematics) Dominating surface-group representations via Fock-Goncharov coordinates
Apr 04, 2024 Babhrubahan Bose (IISc Mathematics) Geometry of Normed Linear Spaces in Light of Birkhoff-James Orthogonality
Apr 03, 2024 Debsoumya Chakraborti (Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick, UK) Approximate packing of independent transversals in locally sparse graphs
Apr 01, 2024 Aakanksha Jain (IISc Mathematics) Some aspects of weighted kernel functions on planar domains
Mar 27, 2024 Utsav Dewan (ISI Kolkata) Restricted mean value property on Riemannian manifolds
Mar 22, 2024 Ravi Raghunathan (IIT Bombay) Poles of Quotients of $L$-functions and primitivity of $L$-functions of $\mathrm{GL}_3$
Mar 15, 2024 Siddhi Pathak (CMI) On values of the digamma function
Mar 13, 2024 Jotsaroop Kaur (IISER Mohali) Hardy and Rellich identities and inequalities for Grushin operators via spherical vector fields and Bessel pairs
Mar 07, 2024 Mladen Dimitrov (University of Lille, France) $p$-adic deformations of automorphic forms and Iwasawa Theory
Mar 06, 2024 Mikel Florez Amatriain (BCAM – Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, Spain) Singular integral operators along codimension one subspaces depending on n-1 variables
Mar 01, 2024 Ramachandran Balasubramanian (IMSc, Chennai) Waring's problem
Mar 01, 2024 Badri Vishal Pandey (University of Cologne, Germany) Linear congruence relations for exponents of Borcherds products
Feb 28, 2024 Tapendu Rana (Ghent University, Belgium) Boundedness of pseudo-differential operators on radial sections of line bundles over the Poincaré upper half plane SL(2)/SO(2)
Feb 23, 2024 Ratheesh T V (IMSc Chennai) Monomial expansions for q-Whittaker polynomials
Feb 21, 2024 Rajula Srivastava (Hausdorff Center / Universitaet Bonn / Max Planck Institute, Germany) Counting rational points near flat hypersurfaces
Feb 20, 2024 T.E.S. Raghavan (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA) A note on Linear Complementarity via zero sum two person games
Feb 16, 2024 Swarnendu Sil (IISc Mathematics) Nonlinear Calderon-Zygmund theory and differential forms
Feb 15, 2024 Ravi Prakash (Universidad de Concepcion, Concepcion, Chile) The p-Laplace "Signature" for Quasilinear Inverse Problems with Large Boundary Data
Feb 15, 2024 José María Martell Berrocal (ICMAT, Madrid, Spain) Elliptic operators in rough domains
Feb 09, 2024 Manish Patnaik (University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada) Whittaker functions on covers of p-adic groups and quantum groups at roots of unity
Feb 08, 2024 P. Sivaram (IISc Mathematics) On existence and regularity of some complex Hessian equations on Kahler and transverse Kahler manifolds
Feb 07, 2024 Kalachand Shuin (Seoul National University, South Korea) Multilinear maximal averages defined on non-degenerate hypersurfaces
Feb 05, 2024 Jungwon Lee (University of Warwick, UK) Euclidean algorithms are Gaussian over imaginary quadratic fields
Jan 30, 2024 Arindam Mandal (IISc Mathematics) Existence and implications of positively curved metrics on holomorphic vector bundles
Jan 29, 2024 Walter van Suijlekom (Radboud Universiteit, Nijmegen, Netherlands and IASc Jubilee Chair) Geometric spaces at finite resolution
Jan 24, 2024 Rameez Raja (NIT Srinagar) Some combinatorial structures realized by commutative rings
Jan 24, 2024 Debraj Chakrabarti (Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, USA) Partial convexity conditions and the d/d(zbar) problem
Jan 17, 2024 Ritvik Radhakrishnan (ETH, Zurich, Switzerland) Quantitative FKG for crossings
Jan 15, 2024 Nishu Kumari (IISc Mathematics) Characters of classical groups twisted by roots of unity
Jan 12, 2024 Gopal Prasad (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA) Fake Projective Planes
Jan 10, 2024 Rohil Prasad (UC Berkeley) On the dense existence of compact invariant sets
Jan 10, 2024 Bharatram Rangarajan (Einstein Institute of Mathematics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel) 'Almost' Representations and Group Stability
Jan 08, 2024 Prakhar Gupta (University of Maryland) A Complete Geodesic Metric on Finite Energy Spaces in Big Cohomology Class.
Jan 05, 2024 Siddhartha Sahi (Rutgers University, USA) Macdonald polynomials, interpolation polynomials, and binomial coefficients
Jan 04, 2024 Surjit Kumar (IIT, Madras) Commuting tuple of operators homogeneous under the unitary group
Jan 03, 2024 Siddhartha Sahi (Rutgers University, USA) Lyapunov exponents for random matrix products

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