Welcome to FPSAC 2022

34th International Conference on Formal Power Series & Algebraic Combinatorics

Topics include all aspects of combinatorics and their relation to other parts of
mathematics, physics, computer science, chemistry and biology

A satellite conference of ICM 2022

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July 18–22, 2022, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India

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Invited Speakers

Omer Angel

University of British Columbia

Sen-Peng Eu

National Taiwan Normal University

Apoorva Khare

Indian Institute of Science

Daniela Kuhn

University of Birmingham

Anton Mellit

University of Vienna

Piotr Śniady

Polish Academy of Sciences

Hugh Thomas

L'Université du Québec à Montréal

Rekha Thomas

University of Washington

Cynthia Vinzant

University of Washington

Go to the Submission section for information on contributed talks.

Program Committee

Ilse Fischer
University of Vienna

Svante Linusson
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

Jean-Christophe Aval
CNRS, Université de Bordeaux

Andrew Berget
Western Washington University

Jérémie Bouttier
CEA, Université Paris-Saclay

Cesar Ceballos
TU Graz

Guillaume Chapuy
CNRS, Université de Paris

Sunil Chhita
Durham University

Sylvie Corteel
University of California Berkeley and CNRS, Université de Paris

Rafael S. González D'León
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

Basudeb Datta
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Philippe di Francesco
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Jehanne Dousse
CNRS, Université Lyon 1

Mark Dukes
University College Dublin

Éric Fusy
CNRS, Université Gustave Eiffel

Jia Huang
University of Nebraska at Kearney

Matthieu Josuat-Vergès
CNRS, Université de Paris

Jang Soo Kim
Sungkyunkwan University

Christoph Koutschan
RICAM, Austria

Diane Maclagan
University of Warwick

Hannah Markwig
Universität Tübingen

Alejandro Morales
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Philippe Nadeau
CNRS, Université Lyon 1

Eran Nevo
Hebrew University

Soichi Okada
Nagoya University

Viviane Pons
Université Paris-Saclay

Amritanshu Prasad
The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai

Michael Schlosser
University of Vienna

Armin Straub
Hebrew University

Vasu Tewari
University of Hawaii

Jiang Zeng
Université Lyon 1

Organizing Committee

Arvind Ayyer
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Gaurav Bhatnagar
Ashoka University, Delhi

Atul Dixit
Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar

Gyula O. H. Katona
Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Madhusudan Manjunath
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Narayanan N.
Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

K. N. Raghavan
The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai

Venkatesh Rajendran
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Pooja Singla
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

Sivaramakrishnan Sivasubramanian
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Bridget Tenner
Executive Committee Liaison
DePaul University

S. Viswanath
The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai

Nathan Williams
NSF Funding Coordinator
University of Texas at Dallas

Travis Scrimshaw
Proceedings Editor
Osaka City University


  • Paper/poster submissions open
  • October 25, 2021
  • Deadline for paper/poster submissions
  • November 25, 2021
  • Submission decisions
  • February 25, 2021
  • Deadline for software demonstration submissions
  • March 18, 2022
  • Deadline for support requests
  • March 25, 2022
  • Deadline for final extended abstract submissions
  • April 1, 2022
  • Financial support decisions
  • April 15, 2022
  • Early-bird registration ends
  • May 6, 2022
  • Conference
  • July 18-22, 2022


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    Local information

    We encourage everyone to come to Bangalore for FPSAC in July 2022, and we sincerely hope that everyone will do so. However, given the pandemic, it seems likely that some people may be unable or unwilling to travel this summer. Therefore we have decided to make this a hybrid conference, streaming all presentations in addition to (hopefully!) hosting them live on-site. As the conference date approaches, we will refine or adjust these details as necessary.


    Hotel Booking Spam Alert! Please do not respond to spam emails or messages about hotels in Bangalore. Details about accommodation during the conference will soon be available on this page. All officials emails about FPSAC 2022 will only be sent from fpsac2022.math at iisc dot ac dot in.

    Visa Information

    Please note that ALL foreign nationals, including American and EU passport holders must hold a valid visa in order to travel to India. Visas must be applied for in advance at an Indian embassy or consulate.

    See here for more details.

    Nationals of certain countries may be eligible for e-tourist visa.

    Check this website for more details

    Contact fpsac2022.math at iisc dot ac dot in if you have questions about the visa process.

    Social Events

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    Related Workshops and Conferences

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    Guidelines for Initial Submissions

    Accepted extended abstracts will be published in a proceedings volume of Séminaire Lotharingien Combinatoire. Authors will retain the right to publish a full version of their work in another journal, provided that the conference contribution is indicated as an extended abstract of the full version.

    For each submission, you must indicate which author will present the work.  A change of presenter will only be possible after advance consultation with the program committee. Each person may be the presenter (i.e., correspondent author) for at most one submission. Program committee members may co-author a paper submitted to the conference, but should not submit the paper themselves, and must recuse themselves from any decisions involving the paper.

    Authors should indicate any potential conflict of interest that may exist with program committee members in the submission form.

    You have a conflict of interest if a program committee member:

    • is at the same institution as an author
    • has been in a supervisory/supervisee role in the past
    • has been a co-author in the last 5 years or is currently collaborating with an author

    As is tradition, there will be a prize for the best student paper. In order to qualify for this prize, all authors on the qualifying submission must be students at the time of submission. You will be asked on the submissions website if your submission qualifies, so please remember to indicate this if it does.

    As for the scientific content of the work, the originality of the results and the clarity of exposition will be the primary criteria used to determine which submissions will be accepted.

    Formatting requirements and submission procedures

    In order to prepare your submission, please take the following steps to format your document according to these specifications. Please prepare your document using standard LaTeX. If you have any user macros, you must include them in your submission.

    • Please download and unpack the file FPSAC-2022.zip or, if you prefer, download the files it contains individually and place them all in one folder:
    • Compile sample.tex using your favourite editor (if compiling from the command line you may need pdflatex) and make sure the output matches intended output file. Note that you must generate a PDF file - dvi or ps files will not be accepted.
    • Read the comments in the preamble of sample.tex. In particular:
      • use \documentclass[submission]{FPSAC2022} for your initial submission;
      • do not make any changes to font size, page size, layout, etc;
      • include your title in the usual way, ie. \title[optional short title]{long title};
      • include the author(s) in the usual way, ie. \author[optional shorter names]{longer names};
      • use \thanks{…} to include the contact details of author(s), and \addressmark{1}, \addressmark{2} etc. to include the institution(s) of the author(s), and then use \address{\addressmark{1}…} to match author(s) to institution(s);
      • use \received{date} to include your date of submission (don’t cheat!);
      • use \abstract{…} to include your English language abstract. Please do not include any citations in your abstract with \cite{…}. If you need to cite something in your abstract then write it out, as (author year). Also, do not include any custom commands in your abstract;
      • if you wish to include a second-language abstract then you can do this with the \resume{…} command. If you do not wish to include a second-language abstract then you can just comment this command out;
      • by default the second-language abstract will have the title "Abstract". If you want another word like "Saar", "Résumé" or "Zusammenfassung" then you can use the \resumetitle{...} command. Otherwise just comment this command out;
      • include 3-6 keywords with the \keywords{…} command;
      • the \maketitle command after \begin{document} will generate your title, abstract and keywords automatically.
    • The FPSAC2022.cls file loads the graphicx package, and so you should be able to include figures with the usual
      %figure code
      \caption{A plot of a function.}
      commands. Wherever possible, please use .pdf versions of your figures.
    • The FPSAC2022.cls file loads the AMS packages amsmath, amsthm and amssymb. If you wish to load other packages then you must use the usual \includepackage{…} command in the preamble.
    • For the final submissions it will be required to include your bibliography as a separate .bib file rather than using \bibitem{…} commands at the end of the document. This will make life much easier for the editor, as it simplifies the process of making bibliographies consistent. The sample.tex file uses the biblatex package, where the commands
      %preamble code
      are included in the preamble, and then \printbibliography is used at the end of the document. (This may require installation of the biber package or the texlive-bibtex-extra package (Ubuntu) if you don’t already have it. See below if you are having compile problems). Alternatively, if you wish you can remove these commands and use something like
      %bibliography code
      at the end of the document. Please use numerical citations in the text, ie. [xx, yy].
    • If you are having trouble compiling sample.tex, make sure your LaTeX distribution is up to date:
      • On a Mac you are probably using MacTeX, so you can run "tlmgr update --all” in the Terminal, or use the TeX Live Utility app in/Applications/TeX.
      • On Windows you are probably using MiKTeX, so you can use the MiKTeX Update Wizard in the Start menu.
      • On Linux you should use your package manager to keep things up to date (your version of LaTeX is probably a variant of TeX Live). Depending on your version of Linux you may also be able to use the "tlmgr update --all” command. To use biblatex you may need to install the separate texlive-bibtex-extra package.
      • As noted above, you may also need the biber package to get biblatex working (on any system).
      • If you are missing the lipsum package needed to generate the Latin text, include the lipsum style file in the directory containing your tex files.
      • If problems persist then you should email the proceedings editor ?.
    • In your initial submission, you must include either a single PDF file of your manuscript, compiled with FPSAC2022.cls, or a zipped (.zip file) containing all necessary files needed to compile your manuscript (including the FPSAC2022.cls file, all figures, the source .tex file and .bib files etc.). Do not alter the font size, font, or the margin sizes in the FPSAC2022.cls file. If your submission is accepted, all source files will be requested.
    • All submissions must use 12pt font, the default font for the above class file, and be 6-12 pages in length, including the bibliography. Submissions that exceed the length restriction, use a different font, or have altered margins will not be accepted.

    Submit through Softconf

    Please follow the link to the SoftConf website to make your submission. You will need to indicate the presenter name and also if the paper qualifies for consideration for the “best student paper” prize.


    Check back in April, 2022