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Dec 18th Monday

Chair: E. K. Narayanan
9:30-10:05      Abhishek Ghosh : Sparse Domination of Multilinear Calderon-Zygmund operators on non-homogeneous spaces
10:05-10:40     Jotsaroop Kaur : Unimodular bilinear multipliers on $L^p$ spaces Click here

10:40-11:10 Tea/Coffee

Chair: S. Thangavelu
11:10-12:10     A Lerner : Sparse bounds and sharp weighted inequalities Click here
12:10-12:45     E. Liflyand : Hausdorff operators in $H^p$ spaces, $0<p<1$ Click here

12:45-2:15 Lunch

Chair: Mukund Madhav Mishra
2:15-2:50      G. B. Folland : Remarks on Gabor systems Click here
2:50-3:25      Radha R : Frames and shift invariant spaces on the Heisenberg group

3:25-3:55         Tea/Coffee

Chair: G. B. Folland
3:55-4:30      Sayan Bagchi : On Fourier multipliers on the Heisenberg groups Click here
4:30-5:05      M. A. Sofi : Banach spaces in the Lipschitz category Click here

Dec 19th Tuesday

Chair: Yuan Xu
9:30-10:05      K Stempak : Reflection principle for the Dirichlet and Neumann Laplacians on open reflection invariant sets
10:05-10:40     Ramesh Manna : On local smoothing of Fourier integral operators and its applications

10:40-11:10         Tea/Coffee

Chair: Shobha Madan
11:10-12:10     A Lerner: Sparse bounds and sharp weighted inequalities Click here
12:10-12:45     Anoop V P : Hardy and fractional Hardy inequality for Dunkl-Laplcian Click here

12:45-2:15          Lunch

Chair: Linda Saal
2:15-2:50     J Faraut: Projection of orbital measures for the action of a pseudo-unitary group. Click here
2:50-3:25     R Daher : Titchmarsh theorems for Fourier transforms of H\" older -Lipschitz functions on compact homogeneous manifolds Click here

3:25-3:55         Tea/Coffee

Chair: J. Faraut
3:55-4:30     B Krotz : The discrete spectrum of a real spherical space
4:30-5:05      T. C. Easwaran Namboodiri : Canonical duals--Gabor frames versus wavelet frames Click here

Dec 20th Wednesday

Chair: V Muruganandam
9:30-10:05     Lakshmi Lavanya : On Fourier twin algebras in locally compact abelian groups
10:05-10:40     Samya Kumar Ray : Joint functional calculus of Ritt operators Click here

10:40-11:10         Tea/Coffee

Chair: Fulvio Ricci
11:10-12:10     A Lerner: Sparse bounds and sharp weighted estimates
12:10-12:45     G. Pisier: Sidon sets in discrete groups Click here

12:45-2:15         Lunch Click here

Chair: M Sundari
2:15-2:50     Qaiser Jahan : Shearlet coorbit spaces
2:50-3:25     Guixiang Hong : Some progress on non commutative ergodic theory Click here

3:25-3:55         Tea/Coffee

3:55-     Felicitation
5:30-        Tea/Coffee
Conference dinner: 7:30pm, at the terrace, Mathematics Department

Dec 21st Thursday

Chair: K. Stempak
9:30-10:05     M Sundari : Analogues of Benedicks theorem on two step nilpotent Lie groups
10:05-10:40     Rajesh Kumar Singh : A sharp form of the Marcinkiewicz Interpolation Theorem for Orlicz spaces Click here

10:40-11:10         Tea/Coffee

Chair: M A Sofi
11:10-12:10     A Lerner : Sparse bounds and sharp weighted estimates Click here
12:10-12:45     Yuan Xu : Approximation and orthogonality in Sobolev spaces Click here

12:45-2:15         Lunch

Chair: P. K. Ratnakumar
2:15-2:50     F Ricci : Functional calculus on sublaplcians and Gelfand pairs Click here
2:50-3:25      Luz Roncal : Hardy inequality for fractional sublaplacians Click here

3:25-3:55         Tea/Coffee